Saturday, April 26, 2008


I'm having one of those spells where I'm coming up dry on
Carnival topic posts. I haven't been able think of anything on
the Gaelic language edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage
and Culture and I can't decide on an ancestral hometown to
spotlight for the next CoG. What's a grumpy old geneablogger
to do?

On another note, I set aside a book at work about the Battle
of Saratoga, since some of my Revolutionary War ancestors
had some sort of connection with it. I'll pick it up later today

And then there's pictures to scan and records to organize and
properly cite...

Ah well... booksellers work from sun to sun but a genealogist's
work is never done!

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Miriam said...

If you'd like some company while your doing your scanning, feel free to join us for Scanfest tomorrow! We'd love to have you!