Saturday, April 19, 2008


Most of what I know about my Revolutionary War ancestors
comes from their Pension Application Files images. While this
is fortunate for me, it was not a happy circumstance for them.
Those who applied were elderly and poor and in some cases
were the widows of deceased veterans. They needed help
and a grateful country provided it to the men who'd helped
bring it into existence.

It's ironic, to say the least, that 233 years later some men and
women who have served their country in the present action
in the Middle East have in some cases been treated with less
care than they deserve. Stories of VA hospitals in disrepair,
of soldiers having difficulties in receiving treatment or
disability checks have called attention to that fact. If these
Americans have done their duty in their country's armed
forces at the behest of our government, shouldn't our
government do its duty by them?

We can show our respect for our Revolutionary War era
ancestors best by ensuring that those who follow in their
footsteps today are given the respect and care they deserve.

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