Sunday, April 13, 2008


In trying to write a post for the next Carnival of Genealogy
blog, my problem isn't how many family traits I've inherited
but how many I didn't. This is a tough one to write and it will
probably not be a long one!

Physically I get my height from my Mom's side of the family.
My Uncle Ed and his sons as well as my brother and myself
are all over 6ft tall (I'm the shortest at 6'1") and I think my
blue eyes are from that side as well. The weight could be
from either side. Although Mom and Uncle Ed were thin,
my Grand Uncle Frank (who taught me how to make
tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches) was a good sized
man and on my Dad's side I could get it from the Barker

I think I've already established the fact that I have no
artistic or musical talent, and I sure can't dance as well as
either of my parents did. Nor do I have my Dad's ability with
tools. I once got a blood blister from a vise handle in shop
class in school!

Athletically, I enjoyed playing baseball and football when I
was a kid but I was about average, which does seem to be
the family tradition.

I do like to write, but judging from the dearth of material left
by those thatcame before me, I don't come from a long line of
writers and diarists.

The one habit that I do share with my parents is reading. My
mom had me bring home books for her when I went to the
library, usually historical novels by Taylor Caldwell, Frank
G. Slaughter and others, and she liked to read mystery and
romance novels as well. Dad was a Louis L'Amour western
fan and would borrow my sf and fantasy paperbacks out of
my bookcase. If I couldn't find one I knew to check the
headboard of my folk's bed to see if Dad was reading it.

And I do share an interest in genealogy with my Aunt
Dorothy and cousin Diana out in Ohio!

Of course, since I still know very little about my Grandfather
White's family I don't know if there's any traits I might have
or haven't inherited from that side.

I suppose the main trait I have in common with my ancestors
is being an average everyday human being who gets up
every morning and goes about the business of living his or
her life!


Janice said...


With all the Flutaphone references I thought for sure you had musical ability. But then of course you and I ARE related. Perhaps we get our LAC of musical ability through our Abbott line (grin).


Professor Dru said...


I enjoyed your posting. It's okay to be average. That's certainly better than being below average. (Smile)