Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Yesterday I received a comment on my earlier post FROM
from David J. O’Connor. He
writes that his mother Florence Evelyn Ellingwood O’Connor
had passed away at the age of 97 back in 2001. In the original
post I described how she had kindly answered my questions
some 30 years ago and even sent along several pages of
information, including the transcription from a family bible.
I’m grateful today that she took the time back then and
I wish I’d taken the time to tell her so.

Coincidentally, I’d mentioned her in my reply to Randy Seaver
who has been kind enough to look into the Elusive John C. for
me. He’s given me some good advice and help in trying to break
down that brick wall.

And today I received an email from a lady with a question
concerning my post on JOHN AMES’ HEIRS. Jade wondered
if the child of Sally Ames and Isaac Fuller I’d found might be her
ancestress. It wasn’t, but after some quick googling it turns out
her ancestress was another of their children.

Although I wasn’t of much help to Jade I was glad to try to do
what I could. How could I not be considering all the help I’ve
been given along the way from other members of the
genealogy community?

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GreenmanTim said...

And this is one of the greatest joys of the genealogist. A generosity of spirit seems a common trait of our kind,, as well as a dose of humility (for even those with the most aristocratic pedigrees have lines they can never follow, knots they alone cannot unravel.