Friday, November 16, 2007


While looking through the old photos for something that might fit
Terry’s photo challenge, I keep running into pictures I haven’t
seen in years or I just don’t recall ever seeing before. There’s one
of each here.

One is of Dad and my brother Phil at event at the Brockton
VA Hospital. Both my parents were active in the Abington VFW
and Phil spent a lot of time down at the post as well. This looks
like some carnival perhaps? I’m not sure why they are holding
cucumbers but that hat on Dad’s head made me grin. I don’t
think I ever saw him wearing one like that.
I wish his part of the photo were less scratched but my folks
never were ones to put their pictures in albums. We had two
but usually pictures ended up in some drawer somewhere.
I have a large plastic bin of pictures that I’m chipping away at

The second is a picture I took years ago and is probably my
alltime favorite. That’s my niece Sarah in her Oshkosh overalls
holding out a marigold to my mom who’s off camera. It was taken
at the apartment on Walnut St, in Abington and I’d planted those
But the prettiest flower there was Sara.

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