Thursday, November 29, 2007


It’s been a long time since we last talked.

But it’s that holiday season and visions of gedcoms are dancing in
the heads of my fellow genealogy bloggers. In fact, wish lists are
being put together for the next Carnival of Genealogy and I’ve
put one together myself so I’m sending it along to you, too:

1. A break in the brick wall that is the Elusive John Cutter West.
See my previous posts here and here about that. Randy, Apple,
and Janice have given me some solid suggestions on how to go
about it but I could use a little Santa magic there, I think, as well.

2. A break in the wall that is my maternal grandfather Edward F.
White Sr. Where did he go? What about his new family?

Again, I know what might help me there.

3.More time and energy. Some folks have this rather romantic
view of bookstores as being well…almost library like. Perhaps it
is in some idyllic place, but bookstores are businesses and that
means customers must be waited on and sales rung up. Most
now go with the “lean” approach to staffing (except at Christmas)
and most nights when I get home I’m pooped. So a little energy
would be a big help, Santa!

Or maybe you can make me 35 years old again? I’m not greedy.

And time. Lots of time to research and record stuff and to get
into Boston to do it!

4. Perhaps a trip back “uphome” to visit some of the places our
family lived and knew. I visited them when I was much younger
but that was before I’d gained more knowledge of the family

5. More records and information available online. That would
help a lot with the time and energy part, too! And I promise if I
find anything about my brick walls I’ll post it here so others can
find it.

6. Last but not least…more genealogical uses for a flutaphone!
Where am I ever going to come up with the 20 or so more I need
to make that 49??

PS. I didn't shoot my eye out!

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Janice said...


I love your wish list :D I can help you with one.... of course it is the "Uses for a Flutaphone" (this blog comes up #1 at Google for those keywords lol).

#26. An attention-getter, when you've overstayed your welcome at a local cemetery (past visiting hours) and you find yourself locked inside.