Thursday, November 08, 2007


..aka brainfreeze.

Okay. I goofed.
The Last post was Blogging Brunch12, not 11.

The previous Blogging Brunch10 post is really
Blogging Brunch 11.

And the first Blogging Brunch10 post is still
Blogging Brunch10.

All have been retitled, so please
adjust your scorecards.

Thank you.


Lisa said...

I'm glad I've been introduced to your blog, Bill. Nice to see a fellow Boston researcher - it's a great place to dig into history.

I may have a connection with your Dorchester McCue relatives. Please email me to discuss details.

One more technical difficulty to add to your list: you added one of my blogs on your sidebar with the wrong title. It should be Small-leaved Shamrock, not the short-leaved variety. :)

Thanks for including me on your list of links. I look forward to reading more at West in New England.

Bill West said...

Yikes! Sorry about that, Lisa.
It's been corrected.

And I'm glad that I found your blog as well!