Sunday, November 18, 2007

MEME 161

Dang! I’ve been tagged with the 161 meme by Becky over
at kinnexions. The way it works is you open some book you
are currently reading and open it to page 161, then look at
line six, and post it as a reply to the person who tagged you
and as a post in your blog. Then you tag five more bloggers.

I usually have several books going at once. Unfortunately, the
light reading one yielded a one word sentence. But the serious
reading book yielded this:

“Arius, that evil man, the founder of that evil sect, lost
his entrails in the lavatory and so was hurried off to
hell-fire; Saint Hilary, on the other hand, who
defended the undivided Trinity and was sent into
exile for having done so, was restored to his own
country and went at last to heaven.”
- The History of the Franks, Gregory of Tours,
(Penguin, London, England, 1974).

Trouble is, most of the other genealogy bloggers have
already been tagged. So if I repeat tag someone, my
apologies and consider yourselves excused.

My five:
Tim Abbot at Walking the Berkshires
Chris Dunham at The Genealogue
Lisa at A Light That Shines Again
Colleen at The Oracle of OMcHodoy
Craig Manson At The Geneablogie

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Craig Manson said...

Bill, thanks for the tag. I also got tagged by Chery at Nordic Blue and Jessica of jessicas journal.
Here's what I wrote.