Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Continuing the story of Mrs. Jessie H. Tuttle's correspondence
I’ve found at while exploring my ancestors’ in the
Revolutionary War Pension Files:

Some months passed between the previous exchange and the
next one that I found in Moses Barrows’ file. Perhaps an event
called World War 1 might have had something to do with the

It was February 1917 before Jessie sent the check:

"4650 Fremont Ave. So.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Feb. 17,1917
Commissioner of Pensions
Dear Sir:-
Enclosed please find my certified check for $3.15. Please send

me photographic copies of the eleven pages concerning the
pension claim of Lemuel Stimson, widow file 7222
Revolutionary War, and the ten pages concerning the claim of
Moses Barrows Widows file 18560.

In both there are 21 pages at 15 cents page making 3.15..
I do not care for certified copies.

Very truly yours
Jessie H. Tuttle"

Jessie emphatically underlined "certified".

Written above Jessie’s address in another’s handwriting is:

“Check for $3.15 rec’d--(three initials that I cannot decipher).

And a few days later came the typewritten reply:

“Rev. War Section

Jessie H. Tuttle
4650 Fremont Ave, South
Minneapolis, Minn.
In reply to your letter of the 17th instant, herewith
are enclosed copies of eleven pages from the Revolutionary
War pension claim of Lemuel and Catharine Stimson. Mass.
W.7222, and of ten pages from the Revolutionary War pension
claim of Elizabeth widow of Moses Barrows, Mass. W. 18,560,
said uncertified Photostat copies are furnished to you under the
provisions of the act of August 21,1912.
Very respectfuly,
G.M. Saltzgaber

I had to smile at the underlined “certified” in Jessie’s request.
She might have been living in Minnesota but she had Yankee
frugality. She was getting copies of government files from a
government agency mailed no doubt with an official stamp in a
government envelope. Why spend extra money for certification
of something so patently obvious ?

So that concluded Jessie’s mail in the Moses Barrows’ file. A few
years later she sought information about his brother Asa,
perhaps having only just then learned of Asa’s existence. I was
certain Jessie must have been related to the Barrows family and
as Janice Brown of Cow Hampshire kindly proved in her
comments to part 1 of this series of post, Jessie's genealogy
shows she was indeed descended from Moses and so a distant
cousin of mine.

I decided to see if Jessie made any other inquiries from the
Pension Dept.

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