Thursday, September 13, 2007


I’m going to post the transcriptions of the Barrows
brothers soon as well as eventually those of Amos
Hastings and the Barker brothers, although I may
hold off on my direct ancestor Jonathan Barker’s
brother Benjamin, whose Revolutionary War Pension
File has 85 images!

But before that, let me introduce you to Mrs.
Jessie H. Tuttle.

On image 2 of Asa Barrow’s file is the notation,
written vertically along the inner edge of a notebook
page “Hist. to Jessie H. Tuttle.

I wondered who that might be, and discovered more
on images 9 and 11. For some reason the order of
the correspondence is reversed, so I’ve put them
back in the right order for clarification here.

Image 11:

“3730 Grand Ave, Minneapolis, Minn. Aug.1,1923
Commissioner of Pensions,
Dear Sir: -

Will you please send me record
of pension claim of
Asa Barrows.
born July 28 (1750?) in Plymouth Co, Mass.
married Feb 12, 1781 Content Benson,
died Oxford Co. Maine about May 1834
placed on pension roll (Maine) July 23
1833 aged 83. Pension began May 4, 1831.
Served in Massachusetts.
Thanking you in advance
I am yours very truly
Mrs Jessie H. Tuttle”

A round stamp to the bottom left of Jessie’s signature
shows that her request was received at the Pension
Office on Aug 3 1923

Image 9 is the typewritten reply to Jessie Tuttle’s request:

Image 9 is the typewritten reply to Jessie Tuttle’s request:
“Rev. War Section”
September 18, 1923.
Jessie H. Tuttle,
3730 Grand Ave.
Minneapolis, Minn.
I have to advise you that from the papers in
the Revolutionary War pension claim, S. 16038,it
appears that Asa Barrows, while living in Plymton,
Plymouth County, Massachusetts, enlisted April 1775,
and served as a private eight months in Captain
Joshua Benson’s company, Colonel Cotton’s regiment,
Massachusetts troops.
He enlisted December 1776 and served six weeks
under Lieutenant Joshua Perkins. The last of July
1780, he enlisted and serve two weeks under Captain
Perez Churchill
He was allowed pension on his application exe-
cuted August 28, 1832, while a resident of Hamlin’s
Grove, Oxford County, Maine, aged eighty one years.
There is no data on file as to his family.


The letter is unsigned. A carbon copy, perhaps?

I wondered what relationship Mrs. Tuttle might have to
Asa Barrows. Was she a relative, or researching the Barrows
family for some other purpose?

I wondered briefly and then set the matter aside for now.
Then I downloaded the records of Moses Barrows, Asa’s
brother, and once more encountered the redoubtable
Jessie Tuttle.


Janice said...


Not sure on the lineage of your Barrows line... but a quick look at Jessie Tuttle's lineage shows:

Jessie Hale, dau of Jefferson M. & Emeline R. (Barrows) Hale; m. George Tuttle

Jessie's father: Jefferson Marshall Hale, m. in Stowe VT to Emeline Rosina Barrows

Emeline Rosina Barrows, dau of Aaron & Susan (Jackson) Barrows, b. abt 1832 Canada East, res. Stowe, Lamoille Co VT d. 1868 MN, dau of Aaron & Susan (Jackson) Barrows

Aaron Barrows, son of Moses & Elizabeth (Colby) Barrows, b. 2/28/1794, d. 2/6/1836 Canada; m. Susan Jackson.

Moses Barrows, son of Moses & Deborah (Totman) Barrows, b. 10 Jan 1765 Plymouth MA; d. 16 Jan 1813 Irasburg VT; m. Elizabeth Colby

Moses Barrows, b. 1725 Plympton MA, d. 23 Feb 1795 Cornish NH; m. Deborah Totman

Moses Barrows, son of George & Patience (Simmons) Barrows, b. 1697 Carver, Plymouth CO MA, d. 1769 Plymoton MA.; m. Mary Carver.

George Barrows, son of Robert & Ruth (Bonum) Barrows), b. 1670, d. 1758; m. Patience Simmons

Robert Barrows, osn of John & Anne (Thompson) Barrows, b. 1639 Salem MA; d. 1707 Plymouth MA; m. Ruth Bonum

John Barrows, b. 1609 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, d. 1692 Plymouth MA; m. Anne Thompson.

Unless my computations are faulty, she does not appear to have your Asa Barrows in her direct line, but definitely she has Barrows.

Hope this helps solve your mystery.


Bill West said...

You beat me to it, Janice!

My asa barrows was the brother of
Moses Barrows and a son of Moses
and Deborah (Totman)Barrows.

And I feel like Captain Kirk now!

Janice said...

Haha, sorry. I thought by the way you were writing your story, you didn't know how she was connected to your family. I was interested because although I do not have a Barrows line, I do have a Tuttle line.

Just beam me up lol


Bill West said...

As a matter of fact, I hadn't
traced the line back yet but I had
a pretty good idea she was descended from Moses.

Barrows,that is.

So you saved me some typing!

As for the "Jim", I got a chuckle
out of it. When I was small one of my older cousins' husbands used to tease me by calling me different names(Stanley, George, Seymour, etc) and it reminded me of him.

Janice said...

D'oh Jim, Bob, Frank, Bill... lol

Where the heck the Jim came from I have no idea. The result perhaps from a recent brain implosion, due to many hours of research :D