Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Another hour or so this morning at my kb with the mandatory
cup of coffee as I browse the genealogy blogs.

The A*******.com debate continues with posts at Dick
Eastman’s blog and Craig Manson’s careful examination of the
legal issues involved at his site. One thing I must comment on is
that while I don’t agree with Dick’s point of view, I do feel he has
handled some of the less than civil commentary with grace and

Several of his commenters let their anger get the better of
themselves and it added nothing useful to the debate, nor is
Dick deserving of ad hominem attacks.

I did notice at the WorldVitalRecords Blog something that may
be at offshoot of the controversy. In an invitation to genealogists
to upload their gedcom files to their site, they
added this:

“Important: Your family tree is YOUR data. You can remove it
at any time, limit who can see it, collaborate with others and
grow it together, and share it with whomever you choose. We
will never charge others to search and access YOUR data.”

Now I don’t know if they’ve posted that before, but in light of
recent events it certainly caught my attention today.

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