Sunday, September 30, 2007


I’m sort of delaying heading off to bed even though I’m really
tired but I wanted to post this thought before it vanishes into
the swiss cheese that is my brain while I sleep.

I was following up on Chris Dunham’s comment on the probable
identity of Orpha Reynolds as the daughter of Simeon Reynolds
and Ruhama West. I noticed on the 1850 Oxford County Census
her name is listed as “Ruhannah”. Was the “m” misread as two
“n” ‘s by the transcriber or written as such by the census taker?
I then googled it to see if the variation popped up elsewhere.

I found the name then as “Ruanna Ames” on an Iowa bboard
query by a descendant.

At any rate, it appears from my initial digging thanks to Chris’
post that Simeon Reynolds is connected by marriage to my
Packard and Dunham lines.

Another example of the tangled roots of genealogy!

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Apple said...

Yeah! Another spelling of Ruhamah that I hadn't thought of. Some that I have found: Rheuhamah, Rheuama, Reuhammah, Ruhmah, Ruhamale, Ruhama and Rumama. Of course all m's can be changed to n's and all m's or n's can be doubled. Insert h's liberally. Your West surname has got to be as hard to search for as my Hall's and Smith's which is why I get excited with a new 1st name variant to try!