Thursday, March 08, 2007


As I said the other evening, I want to save as much as I can
of my memories and the family history as well. While I’m not
planning on keeling over if I can help it, I know that none of
us live forever. My brother’s sons are still young and some of
us older folks might not be around when they reach adulthood
to tell them more about theirgrandparents. So, I’m blogging
my memories here along with stories about the people on the
family tree. I’ve posted the tree to Ancestry as well as copying
it to both cd and dvd. I’m scanning photographs to discs and
also saving them online at Snapfish. And of course I‘ve printed
out the genealogy.

I think of all I don’t know about the generations that came
before on both sides of the family and I want to preserve what
I do know and learn for the next.

Tempus, as they say, fugits.

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