Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I’m in one of those periods where I tend to crash into
a nap after I’ve come home from work and eaten dinner.
Eventually I do wake up and log on the computer for a
bit but as a result any genealogy work or writing comes
in spurts. But I have done a few things I’ll mention now
briefly before I head off to bed for the night.

Randy Seavers over on Genea-Musings has blogged about
the various resources he’s used in researching the genealogy
of a lady named Cornelia Bresee and it reminded me I had
new information available since the last time I tried some
of them.

For example, the SSDI over on Family Search. Using the
birth date of Grandfather White, I believe I found a match
with an Edward White who died in Billerica Ma. in 1981.
While the Social Security Card was issued in New York that
might not exclude him from being the right man for reasons
I’ll explain in a later post.

Also, since I still have a minimal free Ancestry membership,
I posted a query to the McFarland message board with all the
information on my McFarland great grandparents. I already
belong to a Rootsweb West families group and a query to the
White board there had resulted in finding out more about the
Whites. I’ll make queries to the Ancestry equivalents in the
next few days as well.

I did get one reply back the day after I sent my query but there
doesn’t seem to be a connection there yet.

So that’s it for tonight. I want to post the story about how my
Mom helped a friend start the St. Patrick’s Day Parade here in
Abington but I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

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