Saturday, March 17, 2007


It's been a long day with a nasty little Spring snowstorm and
a tiring commute home. I tend to whiteknuckle drive on
unplowed roads and then collapse into a heap once I hit
the living room chair.

So I've been pretty much brain dead tonight. But the trip
home did bring to mind something that I don't think many
of us Baby Boomers and younger folks think about.

How did they clear the snow from the roads before the
coming of the snowplowed equipped trucks?

Here's one answer at the Maine Memory Network site
with a picture:


Nikki-ann said...

I have a couple of old photos where the snow was as high as the hedges and men were shoveling out the snow to make a path. It must have taken them such a long time!

Bill West said...

Hi Nikki-ann!
I think all those holiday cards
with folks riding around in sleighs make many people think that's how everyone got around when it snowed in "the good old days". But of course not everyone
owned a sleigh, or a horse for that matter. So the roads had to be cleared and I agree,yes,it hsd to be long hard cold work!

The man who invented the snowroller must have been VERY
popular with his fellow villagers.