Monday, March 05, 2007


As I mentioned below in my initial post on this blog, it was my Dad’s sister Dorothy who first started exploring the family treeand it was the information she sent us over twenty years ago nowthat got me started with my genealogy passion. I’m grateful forthe pedigrees and family charts she researched and then copied to send to the rest of us. And I’m glad I held on to them all these years, to say the least!

The other day her daughter, my cousin Diana, emailed us a copy of a picture from Aunt Dot: a copy of a portrait of Clara Ford Ellingwood, my great-grandmother. It’s been in the possession of a Cousin Ruth since Grandpa West’s death back in 1970 and recently she had a copy made which she sent along to my Aunt.The copy was in color but Aunt Dot recalls that the original on the wall at Grandpa’s was sepia tone so I suspect it has been colorized with a graphics art program somewhere along the way since 1970. I’ve made a sepia toned copy and that’s what I’ve posted above.

I think the resemblance to my Dad is there but I may be seeing
what I’d like to see.

It’s through Clara that we are related to many old New England
settlers such as the Dunham and Abbott families and others
back to the Mayflower.

So once again, thank you, Aunt Dot!

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