Sunday, March 18, 2007


I've been spending some time this afternoon scanning
things from the albums. This may take awhile because
I find myself looking at things a bit before I actually
put them in the scanner!

I read somewhere (on the 24/7 Family History Circle
site I think) an idea about scanning groups of photos
collage style and it made sense, so thats' how I've
been doing it lately. Some items, however, are too

Here's one I just did. This is actually two telegrams
that somebody, either my Mom or Nanny, taped
together in the album exactly as I've scanned them.
They were sent to my Mom the day after I was born.
(I was born around midnight.) The top part is from
Dad sent by Western Union. The bottom half is
from Nanny and Uncle Ed.

It seems strange now to think how telegrams have
been replaced by telephones, text messages and email.

I wonder what will come along to replace them?

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