Friday, September 29, 2017


There's been a lot of discussion on social media about Ken Burns' PBS documentary on the Vietnam War. I remember that period in our nation's history all to well, so I haven't watched the documentary yet. But it did get me to bring out these from my top dresser drawer.

This is my draft card from when I registered shortly after my 18th birthday in 1966:

I was already a full time student at Bridgewater State college so I received my first student deferment a few months later:

I graduated in 1970 at which time I ws reclassified as 1-A in November. A few weeks later on December 1st the draft lottery was held and when my birthdate was drawn  my number was 344.They never got past 215. I lucked out.

I carried my draft registration and deferrment cards in my wallet for years afterward and when the wallet wore out I transferred them to the new one, and eventuallyto the one after that. But eventually they ended up in the top dresser drawer.

I haven't looked at them often over the years. They are relics from over fifty years ago in my life, a different moment in time.

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