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The other document included in Matthew Adams Stickney's book The Fowler Family is this agreement in which my ancestor Philip FowlerSr. makes his grandson Philip Fowler Jr his heir. Philip Jr.'s parents were Joseph Fowler and Martha Kimball(daughter of my 10x great grandfather Richard Kimball: .

In 1668 after having given trades to his children, and living to see them all settled in life, he selected from among his grandchildren to take care of him in his old age, Philip his namesake, as appears by the following deed of gift, the original of which is on file in the Clerk of Courts, Bk. 36: 18.

"This present writing wittnesseth, that I, Philip Ffowler of Ipswich, in the county of Essex, clothworker, for and in considderation of that naturall affection I doe beare unto my Grandchild Phillip ffowler, as also in considderation of his being with me, and doeing my busines for me, as formerly, I doe by these presents freely give and grant, and by these fully confirme, unto him the sayd Phillip, my Grandchild, all that my now dwelling house and lands I stand now possesst off, after my decease (exsepting what by agreement with my wife upon mariage, wch is put in writing and recorded), for him, the sayd Phillip, my Grandchild, Imediatly after my decease. To have Sc to hould, and quietly and peaceably to enioy, unto him & his heires & assignes forever, all that my sayd houses and lands, with all and every, the apptenances & prevaledges, thereunto belonging, exsept as aforesayd, what is granted to my wife, dureing her naturall life, and after her decease, the whole to be and remaine unto him the sayd Phillip, my Grandchild, his heires and assignes, for ever, provided still, that if by the providence of God, I shall be forct for nesasary subsitance to sell any pt. thereof, wch in such case I reserve liberty to doe, provided, if he the sayd Phillip, dye without isue, then to returne unto his Brother Joseph, & if Joseph dye without isue, then to be & remaine his brother John, provided alwayes, that if my Grandchild Phillip, leaves a wife behind him when he dye, then she shall enioy it dureing her naturall life, & then to be & returne, as above exprest. In wittnes whereof, I the sayd Phillip Ffowler, have sett to my hand and seale, dated the 23 of December, Anno Dom. 1668. Signed Sealed & dl in the presence of us,

the marke of
Richard Kimball
John Severance
Robfrt Lord

Philip (his mark) FFowler
(the marks of with a green seal)

Acknowledged before me Apr. 29, 1670. Daniel Denison. Recorded May the 6th, 1670." Essex Deeds, Bk. 3: 152.


The Fowler Family: a Genealogical Memoir of the Descendants of Philip and Mary Fowler, of Ipswich, Mass: Ten Generations: 1590-1882 Salem Press, Salem, Ma. 1883

I found the inventory of the estateon Googlebooks in The Probate Records of Essex County, Massachusetts: 1675-1681 (Google eBook) VOL III:

 Estate Of Philip Fowler, Sr., Of Ipswich.

Administration upon the estate of Philip Fowler, intestate, was granted Sept. 30, 1679, unto his grandchild, Philip Fowler.

Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 5, page 347.

Inventory of the estate of Phillip Fowler, Sr., taken July 21, 1679, by Phillip Fowler, Jr., Simon Stace and Nicolas Wallis: 4 ould Cotts & an ould cloke, H1. 15s.; A parsell of ould clothes, Hi.; some ould stockens, 2 Caps, payer of gartars, 5s.; A payer of ould gloves and an ould hate, 2s.; two payer of drawers, two old shirts, 15s.; two caps, two bands & three ould hankercher and also two ould neckclothes, 4s.; total, 31i . Is. Debt due to the estate, 17s. 6d.

Attested in Ipswich court Sept. 30,1679, by Phillip Fowler, administrator of the estate of Phillip Fowler, Sr.


The Probate Records of Essex County, Massachusetts: 1675-1681 (Google eBook) VOL III
Essex Institute Salem, Ma 1920

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