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Looking at the women who married my male  Lovejoy ancestors begins with the parents of my 9x great grandmother Mary (Osgood) Lovejoy. She was the daughter of  Christopher Osgood and Margaret Fowler, and the grandaughter of immigrant ancestor Philip Fowler, who I'll discuss first.

Lucky for me I found  Matthew Adams Stickney's book The Fowler Family.. There's 11 pages on Philip but I'll only post a bit ofit here, starting with page 1:

1 Philip Fowler, one of the founders of New England, was probably born in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, about 1590. He embarked with his family, in the " Mary and John," of London, Robert Sayres, master, and while lying in the river Thames, they " were made stay of untill further order" from the Council, 28 Feb., 1633-4, owing to misrepresentation of the colonies, by its enemies, which had then reached England, and the master was required, among other things, to give a bond of £100, that the service of the Church of England should be said daily on board, and attended by the passengers, also that they should take the "Oathes of Allegiance and Supremacie," which were taken by the passengers, the 24th of March, 1633-4, when they were allowed to proceed oi their voyage, and arrived in New England, in May, 1634.

He received a grant of land in Ipswich, Essex ( ounty, Mass., the same year, on which he settled, and where he resided until his death. It is still occupied by one of his descendants, bearing the family name.

In 1634 (3 Sept.) he took the Freeman's Oath.

In 1634-5 (5 Jan.) it was, by the town of Ipswich, "Given and granted unto John Webster, and unto Mathias Currin (Curwen), and unto Philip Fowler, and unto William Moody, and unto Thomas Dorman, and unto Christopher Osgood, and unto Joseph Medcalf, to each of them, four acres of meadow and marsh ground as it will arise in 20 poles or rods, by the land side, unto them, their heirs or assigns, lying northward of the Town, the marsh is not limited unto them."


The Fowler Family: a Genealogical Memoir of the Descendants of Philip and Mary Fowler, of Ipswich, Mass: Ten Generations: 1590-1882 Salem Press, Salem, Ma. 1883

Stickney goes on to list all of Philip Fowler's dealings in Ipswich and the surrounding towns. I'll discuss two documents in my next post. But for now, here is the list of the children of Philip and his first wife Mary:

The children of Philip and Mary (winsley?) Fowler, were:—

2. Margaret, bapt. 25 May, 1615; m. Christopher Osgood and others.

3. Mary, b. ;m. William Chandler.

i. Samuel, b. In deposition 1618; m. ;2d. Wid. Margaret Morgan.

5. Hester, b. ;m. Jathnell Bird; Robert Collins.

6. Joseph, b. probably about 1629; m. Martha Kimball.

7. Thomas, b. in deposition 1636; m. Hannah Jordan.


Philip didn't leave a will but there are several documents about his estate and those will be discussed in the next post.

To be continued

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