Tuesday, June 07, 2016


The other day my distant cousin Kimberly Gautreau received a mixed bunch of tintypes and photographs. Unfortunately there were no names on them, so Kimberly asked me to take a look at
some she had posted on her Facebook page. There was one I recognized right away as being a picture
of my 3x great grandfather John Cutter West, and another that I am pretty sure is Arvilla(Ames) West,
John's wife. I already had pictures of them both from my Aunt Dorothy that I could compare with the ones Kimberly had.

Here's the picture I already had of John:
And here's the one Kimberly has:

This is the picture of Arvilla I already had:
And here's the new one that I believe is her:
Looking at the two, I see similarities in the nose, mouth and forehead, but especially the droop in her left eye. Or am I imagining things?

I was unable to help Kimberly identify the rest of the pictures which probably are members of the family of Abel Gage Marston and his wife (my 2x great grandaunt)Ann Matilda West, who was John and Arvilla's oldest daughter.

Thank you Kimberly for letting me share these on my blog!

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Marian B. Wood said...

Squinting, I think you're right about Arvilla being the lady in the bottom photo, maybe a bit older but the shape of the face, eyebrows, cheekbones do look very similar.