Sunday, June 26, 2016


A few final thoughts about the case of Peter Weare's "fraudilent deed":

-Apparently the Selectmen of Hampton, New Hampshire weren't very optimistic that
 the Governor would rule in their favor.  They presented their petition on Nov 13, 1709,
but had begun selling off  town land lots to help pay the 50 pounds judgement against the
town plus whatever other court costs.

-Peter Weare and his father Nathaniel visited John Marston in Andover on May 13 1708 and said
that Marston was "in his right senses" when they saw him. But John Marston's will was filed with
the Essex County, Ma. Court at Ipswich three days earlier on May 10 1708, presumably three days before John's death. I have a copy of his probate file.

-I'm somewhat bemused that the Governor and his Council so readily accepted Nathaniel Weare's
word about witnessing  the transaction. He was, after all, Peter Weare's father. I can understand the Hampton selectmen thinking the deck was stacked against them. We can't know for certain from
across three centuries what was going on, but it sure seems fishy to me.

- I have not as yet found any record of the transaction between John Marston and Francis Page,
  nor of the one between Marston and Peter Weare.

-Finally, as to how I am related to some of the people involved in all this:
     John Marston was my 8x great grandfather.
     Francis Page was also my 8x great grandfather

     Peter Weare was a distant cousin. His granduncle was my 11x great grandfather, also named
     Peter Weare.

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