Thursday, June 30, 2016


Elizabeth O'Neal has an interesting topic for her June Genealogy Blog Party

Which of your ancestors deserve to sit on the Iron Throne?

If I limit it just to my ancestors on this side of the Atlantic, I'd have to say 8x great grandfather
Simon Willard would be the best candidate. He was a pioneer of several towns west of Boston
in the old Massachusetts Bay Colony and held several positions in town governments. More
importantly, he had military experience leading troops during King Philip's War and at the age of
seventy led his troops on a wild ride through the night to save the town of Lancaster from an Indian attack. The only drawback in Simon's resume for the Throne is his family of twelve children,
all of whom lived to adulthood and seven of them were boys. Talk about a dynastic battle!

But I have a better and more experienced candidate further back on my family tree, and he's already royalty. Edward I of England certainly was ruthless enough to sit on the Iron Throne. He
fought in the Crusades before he became king, put down the revolt of Simon de Montfort, and
subdued the Welsh and Scots. (Remember Braveheart?). Even better, he possessed the other requirements for a king of Westeros. He had an overbearing mother, ambitious uncles, and a weak son with a notorious relationship with a male lover.

Yes, I think Edward I would be a perfect fit for the Iron Throne.

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Linda Stufflebean said...

I'd say Edward I was truly a candidate for the Iron Throne - perhaps the best of all the posts I've read, but it's hard to compete with an actual king!