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This will begin a series of posts about the family of my 6x great grandmother Abigail Dean,
wife of Nathaniel Stow. As has happened in the past, researching a family line for the 52
Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge has pushed that line back another generation further. In
this case it's to my 8x great grandfather John Dean of Dedham, Ma.

John Dean's early years are a bit of a mystery. He apparently was born after the Great
Migration but there doesn't seem to be any record of his birth so far. I did find a family
genealogy by Marion D. Cooper on the Internet Archive entitled DESCENDANTS OF 
JOHN DEAN OF DEDHAM, MASS. I believe it was self-published in 1957. The pages
are not numbered. It contains a chronology of the various Dedham town offices John
Dean held after his arrival in town around 1672, and this information about his children:   

"JOHN DEAN, carpenter and husbandman, was born about 1650,
the place of  birth and his parentage "being un-
known." He married SARAH, date of marriage unknown,
although probably in I675 or I676. John and Sarah joined
the First Church of Dedham, Mass., on May 29_, 1726 (DC 80)
Sarah died May 20, I727 (DE 52) and John died Dec 13, 1727
(DR 55)* They had seven children, all of whom, exception-
ally for those times, grew to maturity. These children
were all born in Dedham.

*2 John2 b Apr 25, 1677 (DR I4)
m Hannah Savil (WRC, JWD)

3 Sarah b Dec 13, I678 (DR 16) j ch Sept 22, 1728 (DC 80)
d after Sept I727. m -----Harden (SR 26-90) No record
of marriage or children in Dedham.

*4 Ebenezer b May I7, 168I (DR 18)
m-1 Mary White Uov 25, I706 (DR J>S)
m-2 Judith lewis [3] (Lewis Gen)

*5 Joseph b Mar I4, 1683 (DR 18)
m-1 Mary Faxon May 7, 17 07, at Braintree (Br R)
m-2 Prudence Saunders May 25, I72I at Boston {JWD)

*6 Jeremiah b Mar 24, I684-5 (DR 21)
m Mary Fisher [31] Jan 26, I7II (DR 36)

7 Elizabeth b Oct 13, 1689 (DR 23) d before Sept I727
Mentioned as Elizabeth Macknab in her father's will
(SR 26-90) m Dec I7 , I718 John Macnab (DR 43) who was
b Oct 23, 1678 s James and Sarah Macnab (DR I6)

a Mary Macnab b Dedham Oct 5, 1722 (DR 48) d Dedham
Apr 12, 1756 m [32] Joshua Dean s [5] Jeremiah Dean
Feb 13, 1745-6 (DR 74)

b Sarah Macnab b Dedham Jan 4, 1724 (DR 51) m Mar 19,
1752 Seth Fuller, husbandman, of Dedham (DR 83)

c Abigail b May 2, I727 (DR 53) unmd in 1760

8 Abigail b June 12, I694 (DR 26) m at Dedham May 3, I716
Joseph Fairbanks [20] (DR 37) Her father's will mentions
"daughter Abigail Fairbanks." (SR 26-90) Joseph was a
great-grandson of Jonathan Fairbanks, who, in 1636,
built the "Fairbanks House" in Dedham, which was owned
and occupied by eight successive generations of that fam-
ily, and which stands to this day, now used as a museum
of early Americana. In this house Joseph and Abigail
raised their family of eight children..."

I'm descended from John Dean's son Jeremiah. Also, Abigail Dean's husband is my distant
cousin through our mutual ancestor Jonathan Fairbanks.

Ms. Cooper also did a transcription of John Dean's will, which I'll discuss in part 2.

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