Friday, February 28, 2014


This is one of the family lines I need to do more work on.

 My Barrows family ancestry is another family line from the Plymouth-Plympton-Carver
area in Massachusetts, although my immigrant ancestor was originally at Salem in the
late 1630's before moving south to Plymouth. He was my 8x great grandfather. George Barrows married Patience Simmons in 1694 and settled in  the Plympton-Carver area where my ancestors stayed until after the Revolutionary War. I have a double Barrows descent through the marriage of my 4x great grandparents Asa Barrows and Content Benson. (Her mother was Deborah Barrows.) Asa's father Moses Barrows had moved
the family to Cornish, New Hampshire, and then Asa moved to Oxford County, Me.

I have images of a few documents in my database:
-The will of 7x great grandfather Robert Barrows.
-Records of land sales by Robert
-Records of land sales by 6x great grandfather George Barrows
-The Revolutionary War Pension file of 4x great grandfather Asa Barrows
-The War of 1812 Pension files of  3x great granduncles Asa and Caleb Barrows.

I also have an article that Barrows cousin Martin Hollick wrote and kindly sent a
copy to me. 

To Do-
There are some other Barrows wills and probate files on FamilySearch that I've found listed in the index but I haven't been able to find the actual documents as of yet. I need
to do more research on the family history here in Plymouth County. And if this darn
snow ever stops and melts, I want to visit the towns of Plymouth, Plympton, and Carver
to see what I can find there.


Pam Carter said...

I can't wait to see what else you find since this is one of our common ancestors! Thanks for all your work and sharing your finds.

Anonymous said...

I am currently trying to do a history on the Barrows name.
My grandmother was Lois Barrows of Lima, Ohio. Her husband was Clifford Barrows. My great grandfather was Harrington Spencer Barrows of Cleveland, Ohio. Formerly of eastern New York and Possibly Cornish, NH. Harrington Spencer Barrows had 12 children 2 of whom were Leonard Perkins Barrows and A. Barrows. Not sure what the A. stands for.

Hopefully we can connect some dots.

Bill West said...

I'd like to help you if I can. Email me at