Sunday, February 16, 2014


 Five years back I ran a fun challenge here called The Genea-Bloggers' Just
Make Up Some Lyrics Challenge. My fellow geneabloggers who
took part submitted some funny and clever posts, one of which was by the
renowned footnoteMaven. Well, the other day over on Facebook she found
and shared her entry for the Challenge, and it got me thinking.(always a dangerous
event): five years is a  looooooooooooooog time.

It's time for the Second Great Genealogy `Just Make Up Some Genealogy Lyrics'

Here are the rules:

1. Set the names of your ancestors to the music of any song. It can be
any number of names, any song. Just remember to mention what song
you are using so we can all sing along as we read!

2. Publish your efforts on your blog and send me the link. If you don't have
a blog( and you really should, you know, they're easy and fun to do) then send
me your song in a comment to this blog.

2. Dead line is April 15th. I'll publish the final list of links here on  April

You can see what songs were submitted here in the roundup of links from the
first challenge.

I think that five years is enough time for everyone's funny bones to recharge.
Think of all the new songs that can be used! I look forward to seeing the results! 


footnoteMaven said...

Oh, Bill, we GeneaBloggers are so easily distracted.

Let's see if my funny bone has been recharging these five long years.

I so love the idea!


Dorene from Ohio said...

Bill, What a fun challenge! I am so glad you suggested it again! Here is mine:

Unknown said...

Here's mine Bill, such as it is ...

John said...

I had a lot of fun with this. My entry will post on Saturday morning, since I figured it was also appropriate for Surname Saturday.

John said...

Here's my submission