Monday, September 16, 2013


I'm taking  part in a meme started by Julie Goucher of Anglers Rest. Using
prompts from "The Book of Me, Written By You" I'm leaving my memories
of my life for present and future relatives. This week's prompt is:
 Describe your physical self.

Your size – clothes size
Eye colour
Draw your hands
Finger Prints
Well, I'm not very artistic, so I'll skip the last two, but as for the rest:

I was a big baby when I was born, but as I grew older I was a tall skinny kid who
bruised easily. My Mom used to give me a tablespoon a day of something that
was supposed to help me gain weight and deal with iron poor blood. She'd had
some condition when she was a child herself that involved an iron deficiency
and part of the treatment was to eat liver several times a week. I think she was
worried I'd develop the same thing she'd had, and I remember we'd have fried
liver at least once a week when I was younger. I'd smother it in ketchup because
I didn't like the taste, and I've never eaten it since I reached adulthood.

I did take after Mom's side of the family physically though.  I was tall, skinny,
fair haired and fair skinned.  Unlike my dad who always tanned(his left arm
was darker from hanging out the driver's side of the car) I burned. I once had
a sunblister across my back from running around all day with my shirt off. I had
long arms and legs, which made it easy for me to reach under parked cars to
retrieve the rubber balls that had rolled under them when we were playing
"Three Flies Out".

Whatever that concoction was my Mom had given me when I was younger,
it must have been a time release mixture because I reached my teens and
BOOM, I started putting on weight.  And I didn't stop. By the time I reached
61 four years ago I was over 300 + pounds. I was wearing 2 and 3XL shirts
and size 54 waist pants.

Of course, that wasn't a very healthy thing to be and it all caught up with me
four years ago and resulted in two stays in the hospital.

Afterwards, I lost weight and actually dropped below 200 pounds for awhile
and was wearing size 38 pants. Since then I've gained back a little of what I lost

So today, I'm a 65 year old, 6 ft tall guy with graying blond hair and blue eyes.
I wear size 42 pants and Xl shirts and I'm hoping to get back down to that size
38 waist again. But I'm definitely never going back to the size 54.


Donna Peterson said...

Well done Bill. You paint a vivid picture.

Celia Lewis said...

Congratulations, Bill! - those school photos make wonderful markers of the years, don't they? Wonderful smiles there. As for the weight - I've lost over 60# since I retired and had my knee replaced. Life gets better and better. Thanks for sharing this #3 Prompt. (I'd share mine but I'm doing them privately for various reasons).

Kat Mortensen said...

It wasn't Maltevol 12, was it? I was a scrawny kid, and that's what my mom gave me.

I hope you can keep to a healthy weight, Bill.