Friday, September 06, 2013


Today is the 206th wedding anniversary of my 4x greart grandparents Jonathan Phelps
Ames and Polly Griffith. Besides the personal significance of that happy event(I would
not be here if they hadn't married), it's also significant for setting up a naming pattern
in my family.

Jonathan was the son of John Ames and Lydia Phelps.

Jonathan and Polly's daughter Arvilla Ames married my 3x great grandfather John
Cutter West.

They named their fourth child Jonathan Phelps West(my 2x great grandfather).

Jonathan Phelps West married Lousia Amata Richardson, daughter of Philip Richardson
and Esther Laughton. They named their second child Philip Jonathan West in honor of both their fathers. He was my great grandfather.

The name then skips two generations until my younger brother was born. He's named
Philip John West after our great grandfather.

And his oldest son is Philip J West, Jr!

Do you have a story about how names have been passed down in your family?


Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

One of my ancestors was William MUNROE. He was from Scotland and settled in Lexington, Massachusetts. When middle names came into fashion, it was about the time the surname daughtered out and became WILKINSON in our line. My Great great grandfather was Albert Munroe WILKINSON, my grandfather Donald Munroe WILKINSON, my uncle Robert Munroe WILKINSON, and my cousin is Richard Munroe WILKINSON. I wonder if he will pass it on, too?

N. P. Maling said...

I'm working on the Rider family of Massachusetts and am looking at possible naming patterns in the early generations, but I seem to be missing one link to make it a positive match. It is interesting that ...