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And so at last we come to the last document in the Probate File
of Joseph Ellingwood Sr., a listing of debts owed by the estate. I
see some familiar family names in this list. Joseph's youngest
sister Eunice had married a Uriah Cram, so it's possible Benjamin
Cram is related by marriage. Also, the Cram's were the owners of a
brickyard so it is likely Joseph purchased his bricks from them  

Samuel Punchard Jr. is another possible relation: Joseph Ellingwood
Jr. was married to a Mary Punchard.

Finally, Levi Spaulding while not related to the Ellingwoods may be
related to me. My 5x great grandfather Lot Spaulding lived in the
same area as Joseph Sr and was a contemporary so there may be a link
to this Levi Spaulding.

Again, all monetary values are in English pounds, shillings and pence.
I apologize again for the wandering column of figures.

Admn. Acct.  Joseph Ellingwood's Estate
The following Adm. Acct. of the estate of Joseph Ellingwood
late of Lyndeboro, deceased, exhibited 15th June 1790 by
Sarah & Joseph Ellingwood Admt& Admt. These accountants
charged themselves with the amount of the personal estate as
pr. inventory.                                                                            62..4..6                                   

Ballance due to Adms. for paying debts yet due from              24.90.2 3/4
said estate                                                                                86.14.8 3/4

The two thirds of the real estate appraised at                          66...0..0
Remains to be divided among the heirs                                   41...9..9 1/2

The accountants pray allowance of the following articles
of discharge, (to wit.) The funeral charges of the Dec'd              4..0...0
To Dr. John Hale                                                                         9..8..  2
     Dr.Benjn Jones                                                                       7..3..  1
     Joseph Herrick                                                                       0..14..10
     Levi Spaulding esq                                                                 4..10..11 3/far
     John Raynolds                                                                        8..9..  4
     Revd. Sewall Goodridge                                                        1..4..  0
     Capt. Sam Houston                                                                 3..6.. 9
     Levi Spaulding esquire                                                           0..15.10
     Stephan Burnam                                                                      0..12.0
     Robt Day                                                                                 0..8..0
     James Burnam                                                                         0..10.0
     John Grant                                                                               1..1..1
     Joshua Stiles 3/ and Arael Stiles 3/                                        0..6..0
     Benjamin Cram                                                                       0.10.0
     Samuel Punchard jr.                                                                0...3.4
     Benjn Epes                                                                              1.16.9
     paid in the probate office                                                        1...3.0
     Amos Whitmore                                                                      0.12.0
     John Ordway                                                                           1...6.0
     Amos Green                                                                            0.12.0
     Daniel Gould                                                                          0.18.4 

To Moses Nichols esq.                                                                7.17.7
     Benjn Epes                                                                             0.18.3
     Levi Spaulding esq.                                                               0..2.10
     Nathl Bachelor                                                                      0..6.0
     William Taylor                                                                       0.9.3
To the admin.expence of Money, Time &in carrying on
the pr.acct.herewith exhibited                                     4.17.0

To allow'd Widow for upholding life                                         9.0.0

To debts still due from said estate for which
the adm. is accountable includng Interest on
Notes to this time amounting in the whole to                           24.9.0

drawing, examg.allowg. & recording this acct                  0.8.0

attending to exhibit this acct                                                      0.5.0

decree for settlement and bond                                                   0.8.0

(?) on note to Susannah Dodge Adm.                                          2.3.6
Of inventory of record from original                                      86.14.8 3/4

 Att Wm. Gordon Regr.

Hillsborough SS June 15th 1790 The above named Joseph
Ellingwood made oath to this acct. and produced
proper vouchers; it is therefore considered that the same
be and thereby is allowed by the Court

Att: Wm Gordon Regr

True Entry of Record  Att: Wm Gordon  Regr

And that concludes the transcription for the Probate File of
Joseph Ellingwood, Sr., my 5x great grandfather.  

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