Tuesday, July 23, 2013


After the photo of the file cover, the first image of the Probate Court
file for John Ellingwood is of an undated will. Judging by the difference
between the handwriting in the body of the document and that of John's
signature, the document was written by someone else. I will post my
transcription first and have some thoughts about the document in my
next post.

In the Name of God, Amen.
I, John Ellingwood of Bethel in the County of Oxford and State of Maine,
do make, ordain and declare this instrument to be my last will and testament,
revoking all others.

In primus. All my debts, of which there are but few, and none of magnitude, are to
be punctually and speedily paid; and the legacies herein after bequeathed, are to
be discharged as soon as circumstances will permit and in the manner hereafter

Item. To my dearly beloved wife, Zerviah Ellingwood, I give and bequeath the use
and benefit, of, all the household furniture of which I may be lawfully possessed
at the time of my decease, -of one cow and three sheep- and of my pew in the
Congregational meetinghouse in the West Parish of Bethel.

Item. Upon the death of my wife, it is my will and desire, that my son, George V.
Ellingwood, should have all the personal estate above bequeathed to my wife,
and I do hereby give and bequeath the same to all.

Item. To my said son, George V. Ellingwood, I do further give, bequeath and devise,
all real estate of which I may be secured or possessed at the time of my decease,
wherever situated, and all the personal property to me belonging, other than that
above mentioned to my wife, wherever to be found-not meaning to destroy, or
invalidate any life lease, to me & my wife, of any real estate, from our son Daniel
G. Ellingwood, heretofore given.

Item. I hereby declare that I consider that I have heretofore given to my children
Sarah S. Libby, Daniel G. Ellingwood and Ebenezer Ellingwood, who are at this time
all living, and to  my deceased children Jacob Ellingwood and John Ellingwood Jr.,
all that I am able to give them or their children.

Item. It is my will & desire and I do hereby appoint my son, George V, Ellingwood,
the sole Executor of this my last will and testament.
John Ellingwood.

Signed, sealed and declared, by the abovenamed John Ellingwood, to be his last
will and testament, in presence of us, who, in the presence of the testator and of each
other, have hereunto susbscribed our names as witnesses,
Simeon Twitchell
Franklin Cross

To be continued.

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