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My 4x great grandfather  died 19Jun 1847. His son and executor  George V
Ellingwood submitted his first accounting of expenses over a year later in
October. Compared to some of the other estate lists I've seen so far in my
family it's pretty short and sweet. I'm attributing the delay to perhaps the
weather or the possibility it was a circuit court and George had to wait until
the location was a closer trip:

1st Executor Account

The first account of George V Ellingwood, Executor of the last will and testament
of John Ellingwood late of Bethel in the county of Oxford deceased. He charges
himself with the amount of personal estate of the deceased, according to the
inventory, (exclusive of notes and accounts.)                                                         $162.68

He prays for the allowance of of the following charges
For cash paid for expenses of the funeral                                                                 4.25
For cash paid Doctor Robert G Wiley for medical aid in last sickness                    3.75
For cash paid the appraisors as per receipt                                                              3.25
For cash paid  printers bills, advertising notices                                                      2.00
For cash paid Asa Cummings as per receipt                                                              1.00
For cash paid William Frye as per receipt                                                               00.97
For cash paid for a copy of will and postage on papers                                          00.75
For cash paid printers bill for advertising notices                                                    1.00
George V Ellingwood
At a Court of Probate, holden at Paris within and
for the County of Oxford on the
seventeenth day of October in
the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and
forty eight
THE said George V Ellingwood personally appeared before
me, and made oath to the truth of the above account ;-  notice having been given
pursuant to order of Court
; - I do thereupon DECREE, that the same be allowed
and recorded.

Job Prince JUDGE


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