Tuesday, July 16, 2013


On yesterday morning's Mondays With Myrt G+ Hangout webcast, one of the
topics of conversation was backing up our genealogy research in "The Cloud".
In the accompanying chat on Google+ I volunteered the following:

I use Ancestry and then download to RM6.and being paranoid, I have
trees in progress at Geni and WikiTree, and a tree on RootsWeb. 

Now I know many genealogists use things like Dropbox to back up their
research but I'm more comfortable doing it with the sites I use. But then there's
the question of document images from sources like FamilySearch or the National
Archive. I back those up on an external drive, but I didn't have backups in "The
Cloud" for them.

Or did I?

The other night when I was writing my blogpost about the different Ellingwood
family documents  I've found, I suddenly realized I have been backing them up,
right here on this blog. Whenever I post a transcription of a document image, I
include the image as well, and the blogpost itself included my thoughts and
conclusions I've drawn from it. So while I'm putting the document and information
out there as "cousin bait", I'm also using the blog as a backup.

And being paranoid, I then back up my Blogger blog to my WordPress mirror
site blog!    


Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

I also "save" my blogger files in several places. A few years ago I started printing blog books using Blurb. I think there are several self publishing companies that do this now. I like having the paper version to share with the older generations who don't like looking on the computer.

Anonymous said...

I never considered that as back up. Thank you for your post. My originals are in Mirceosoft word. I back up to FTM, Geni, and an external drive. I just started looking into Evernote. My Word Press and Blogger post can now beconsidered as backups.