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I thought I'd give a little information on some of the heirs listed in the settlement
of Joseph Ellingwood/Ellenwood's estate.

Joseph Ellingwood had been married twice. He married Abigail Lamson sometime
before the birth of their first child; she died sometime after the birth of the second.

Joseph  b.11Sep  1746 , d.30Aug 1750, Amherst, Hillsborough,NH
Benjamin Tuck  b.20 Nov 1748

Abigail died sometime between 1748 and 1753. During that period, Joseph married
Sarah Herrick and they had eleven children, all but one born in Amherst, NH:

Joseph, b.31 Oct 1753
Sarah, b.15 Jul 1755 
Abigail, b.7 Sep 1757, d.5 Oct 1760
James, b.10 Oct 1758, d.7 Oct 1760
Martha, b.31 Jul 1761
Abigail, b.21 Aug 1763, d.21 Jul 1765
John,  b.19 Sep 1765
Return, b.15 Oct 1767
Jacob, b.14 Nov 1769
Daniel, b.6 Apr 1772
Ebenezer, b. 31 Dec 1774  at Lyndeborough, NH

In the settlement mention is made that Benjamin Tuck Ellenwood hadn't appeared
to claim his inheritance. That was because he had left New England years before
and moved to Ohio. Likewise, sister Martha had married Sherebiah Fletcher the
year before Joseph's death and was living in Vermont. 

Joseph Jr. had bought out the shares of his sister Return and brother John. John was
my 4x great grandfather and at the time of Joseph Sr.'s death was living in Hancock,
New Hampshire with his new wife Zerviah Abbott.

I haven't as yet found a record of the date of Ebenezer's death. 

This document may clear up one question about the family but also (in my opinion)is
the cause of an error concerning the family. The first concerns Ebenezer. I use two
Ellingwood family histories in my research, and they disagree over who Ebenezer's
parents were. In Florence O'Connor's The Ancestors and Descendants of Asa Freeman 
Ellingwood and Florilla (Dunham) Ellingwood Ebenezer is listed as one of  the children
of Joseph Sr. and Sarah. But in The Ellinwood (Ellenwood/Ellingwood) Family 1635-1963,
Leonard Ellinwood thought Ebenezer might be a child of Joseph Jr . "If, like his father,
he married a wife named Sarah."
(p79). This settlement mentioning Ebenezer as a deceased
child  seems to support Florence O'Connor's findings. 

As for  the error that's the subject of a post concerning the identity of Sarah Herrick and
Daniel Herrick which I'll be posting later.

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