Saturday, June 15, 2013


In honor of Father's Day I'm posting pictures of some of the fathers on my family tree. From the

My Dad, Floyd E West, Jr.

Great grandfather Philip J. West, Cousin Stanley & Grandfather Floyd E West, Sr.

2x Great Grandfather Jonathan P West & family
3x Great grandfather John Cutter West
Some of the maternal grandfather's from Dad's family:

2x great grandfather Asa F Ellingwood & wife Florilla Dunham.

2x Great grandfather Amos Hastings Barker & wife Betsy Jane Moore.
3x Great grandfather Philip Richardson

And the only picture I have from Mom's side of the family:
Great grandfather John McFarland & wife Annie Kelley.

Happy Fathers' Day!


Wendy Grant Walter said...

Great old photos Bill! Lucky you!

J. Paul Hawthorne said...

That is so great that your family saved all these photos, you are lucky!