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My ancestor Joseph Ellingwood's estate was finally settled a little over a year after his
death. By this time there was a new new Registrar and the handwriting changed. It's
a very florid artistic hand. I wish I could reproduce the over-sized brackets here but I
can't. I'll have some information on the heirs in my next post.

Comm appointed to view the real estate of Joseph Ellingwood
Committee appointed to view the real estate of Joseph Ellingwood late of Lyndboro.
dec. made the following report. Having viewed the real estate of  Joseph Ellingwood
late of Lyndeborough decd and according to the appointment  find the same indivisble,
and have appraised it accordingly to the best of our judgement impartiually to be
worth sixty six pounds.
True entry of record from original.
Att: William Gordon Regr
Joseph Herrick
Wm Reynolds
Nath. Burnam
Samuel Houton
Justice Spaulding certified the above committee was sworn before him.
Att Wm. Gordon  Regr

Decree for settlement  Jos. Ellenwood estate]
The hon. Samuel Dana esq. Judge of the Probate of Wills withing and for the
County of Hillsborough

Wherein the real estate of Joseph Ellingwood late of Lyndeborough decd., except
the widows third, has been viewed by a commttee for that purpose appointed in
order for a settlement acording to law;

And the said committee have reported the land incapable of a division, and have
appraised the same at the sum of sixt six pounds, and the eldest son of said
decd. not appearing to have the same settled upon him, and Joseph Ellingwood
of said Lyndeborough the second son of said deceased agreeing to take the same
at the appraisement _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The said Judge doth further order and decree that the said real estate, the widows
dower excepted, be and the same is hereby assigned unto, and vested in him
the said Joseph to hold to him,  his heirs and assign forever. It is further ordered
that the said Joseph pay his brother  Benjn Tuck eight pounds, five shiilings and
nice pence being his share of said sum of sixty six pounds after deducting the sum
of Twenty four pounds, ten shillings and two pence three farthings due to the
Adminsistrator upon the settlement of their acct.; also to Danl Herrick Junr son of
Sarah Ellingwood four pounds, two shillings and ten pence  three farthings. Also
to his brother Jacob and Danl. each, said sum of four pounds, two shillings and
ten pence three farthings, and to heirs of his late brother Ebenr. said  last sum
mentioned from this. Jospeh having purchased the shares of brother, John, and
Return, no order is made respecting them.~

And in case any debts unpaid shall hereafter appears against said estate, the said
Joseph is hereby ordered to discharge the same, together with all the necessary
charges. Given under my hand & seal of the said Judge, this fifteenth day of June,
anno Domini 1790.
Samuel Dana J. Prob.
Inventory of record from original
Att: Wm Gordon Regr.

To be continued.

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