Sunday, February 24, 2013


After John Hastings presented his latest declaration on the matter of
his father's Pension, the Court issued the follwing document. Apparently
the clerk didn't have the appropriate form handy, or there wasn't one that
would fit the particular circumstances of the case. So he used a form
from Cumberland county and crossed out the words or phrases that
didn't apply. I've boldfaced the printed parts of the form and italicized
the handwritten information:

Oxford County, ss
Be it known, That on this
sixteenth  day of
September 1851 it has been satisfactorily proved in open Court,
being a Court of Record, That
Amos Hastings
late of Bethel in the said County, was a Pensioner
of the United States and that he
died at said Bethel
on the twenty eighth day of July 1829
And that left a is the widow of Rebecca Hastings
who died on the deceased twelveth day of May 1846
and that Amos Hastings, Jonas Hastings, Betsey Russell, Lucinda Fletcher,
Huldah Barker and John Hastings
are the only surviving children of the said Rebecca Hastings
and that she was not married after the death of her
husband aforesaid.

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto affixed the seal of said Court, and 
subscribed my name, this sixteenth day of September in the
year 18
Geo.M. Shaw,  { Register of Probate for
                                 Oxford County.

Chronologically, this is the last document in the Amos Hastings Revolutionary
War Pension file. I'll have some thoughts about all this in my next post which
will conclude this series.

To be continued...

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