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John Hastings didn't have to wait very long for answers from the Massachusetts
Secretary of State. He'd written his letter on December 13th, and the reply
was written on January 1st. (New Year's Say wasn't a recognized holiday
yet.) In all probability he received it by mid January.

I should make note that I was incorrect in my last post in this series
when I questioned John's statement that his father Amos Hastings
was at the taking of Fort Ticondera. Benjamin Barker had also stated
that Amos was there, and the following transcription confirms that.

The preprinted text of the form is in bold face, the handwritten material
is in italics:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Secretary's Office, Boston
January 1 1848
I hereby Certify That, from an examination of the Books
and Documents relating to Military Services in the War of
the Revolution, which remain in this Department, it appear
that the name of Amos Hastings is borne
upon a Muster Roll of Captain Richard
Ayers Company in Col Johnson's Regt
as a private of Haverhill, from April 19
1775, 5 days. Upon a Pay Roll of the
travel of Capt Timothy Eaton's Company
in Col Edward Wigglesworth's  regt from Ti-
conderoga in 1776, as a private of Haverhill
no service mentioned-number of miles travel,

Not upon rolls of Capt Mallone
Not upon rolls of Capt  Clapp
No evidence of his services as a substitute
for Jonas Hastings.

The preceding is all the evidence of service
of any one of the name shown by the
military records in the department.

page 2:

And I further Certify, That, before search made for evidence
of said facts, the application hereto annexed was filed in this
Office, in the form in which the same now appears; that the search
was made by myself and my clerks alone; and that said applic-
cation and the certificate above set forth, contain all the facts and
circumstances within my knowledge, pertaining to the case.

In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto affixed the Seal
of the Commonwealth, the date above written.

Wm. Tufts
Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth.

John Hastings had proof of his father Amos Hastings'
war service. Would he be able to obtain the pension from the
Federal government now?

To be continued. 

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