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My 4x great grandmother Betsey Hastings passed away on 12May 1846.
She never collected the widow's pension she'd first applied for eight
years earlier. But now another member of the family set about trying to
collect. John Hastings was the youngest son of Amos and Betsey Hastings,
He was born in 1796, was married with seven children, and five of them
were adults when he sent the following letter in 1847:

"Application for Certificate of Revolutionary
Services made by a Son and heir of the
Party who rendered the Services

State of Maine
County of Oxford. Town of Bethel.
The Secretary of the Commonwealth of Mas-
sachusetts is hereby requested to furnish evidence
from the Rools of his office of my father,
Amos Hastings', Service in the wars of the

  He enlisted from the town of Haverhill
in the County of Essex and State of Massachusetts.
He served, a part of the time,  under Capt
Clap  and Capt  Mulloon, I think.

  He served about seventeen months 
besides Serving for some time as a
Substitute for his brother, Jonas Hastings.

  I have often heard my father speak of his
Service but it was some years ago and my
memory does not enable me to state anything
more definite in relation to the Same.

  I think he was at the taking of Ticonderoga
and accompanied Arnold's expedition
into Canada.
  My father died about Sixteen

years ago & my mother about one year ago.
Witness my hand this 13th day of Dec. 1847
John Hastings
Signed by said John Hastings
in my presence, Moses Mason} Justice of the Peace." 

I noticed right off that there were discrepancies in John’s statement from
the information Betsey had given. Fir one thing the names of the officers
his father Amos had served in were different. John mentioned  that he thought
Amos had been at the “taking of Ticonderoga“, perhaps confusing it with
Saratoga.  Finally,  he states that Amos had been on the expedition into Canada
led by Benedict Arnold, but then crossed that out, Had another family member
corrected him or had John thought better than to invoke the name of the
infamous traitor in his case?  What ever the case, it's crossed out.

So now there were two different versions of Amos Hastings' service record.

Which one was correct?

To be continued.

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