Saturday, March 31, 2012


Before I conclude this series, I wanted to use GoogleMaps to see if I
could get some pictures of the places the McFarland Family lived in the
late 19th-early 20th century. But that area of Boston has undergone
extensive reclamation over the last 100 years. Berlin Street no longer

Coventry Street is still there but number 37 is gone:

171 Vernon St is now an empty stretch of grass across the street from the
Madison Park Technical High School  Tremont St where the McFarlands
lived for about a year still exists but is gentrified:

Most of the McFarland children were born on Albert St. That area has been
torn down and replaced by a housing development and a recreation park:

Finally, Parker Avenue was where the family finally settled down and owned
several houses. It's been replaced by the Bromley Heath Housing Complex:

So the houses where my great grandparents lived and raised their family are gone.
But it's not the buildings that are important in a family's history.

It's the people who lived inside them.

To be continued.

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Linda Gartz said...

Great idea, here, Bill. I have addresses of my grandparents in Chicago. I'm going to do the same.