Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I've had a public family tree on for eight years now.(I just
looked up when I started there. I can't believe it's been that long!) It's still
very much  a work in progress. There are some folks who don't believe
in sharing their research with others online either on Ancestry or in a
blog. But as I've said many times before here, I'm a big believer in sharing.
After all, what good does it do me to keep all that I've found to myself?
Better to put it out there and share it! By doing it, I've been more than
repaid by the information distant cousins have shared with me after
they've discovered my Ancestry tree or this blog. It's happened
again in the case of my McFarland research.

I was recently contacted on Ancestry by Chris Markunas. Chris is
descended from John and Annie(Kelley)McFarland and is their
great great grandson, His great grandfather was their oldest son
Michael Edward McFarland so we're 2nd cousins 1x removed.
As it happened we finally made contact by phone on Sunday and
talked for over an hour as we discussed what we knew about the
family. Afterward we exchanged documents and pictures via
email and what Chris sent me answered some questions and
raised a few more. Chris has given me permission to post the
 images here.

First, there were copies of the death certificates of John McFarland
and Annie (Kelley) McFarland:

John McFarland's Death Certificate

There is also a picture of the headstone at at their grave at Mt Benedict Cemetery
in Boston:

Finally(and here's where the new questions came from) the McFarland Internment
Record card from Mt Benedict Cemetery:

Can you see the items in that last image that raised the new questions?


Ed Hamilton said...

I'd want to know who Agnes White was, why she is buried with the McFarlands, and why is she in a concrete box.

Bill West said...

Good guess Ed but Agnes is my grandmother Agnes (McFarland)White. Since she and my grandfather had been divorced for over 30 years at the time of her death she was buried with her parents as she had requested.

Karen Packard Rhodes said...

Bill, there sure was a high infant mortality rate in that family! Were there any epidemics?

Bill West said...

Karen, possibly in two cases. Catharine died in 1885 of meningitis. Sarah died 15 years later of diphtheria. Both are diseases that are known for outbreaks in the population. The other two infants that I know the cause of death for died of noncontagious illnesses, but it is possible that George who died in 1919 might have been a victim of the Spanish Flu epidemic.