Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Back in February I read a story about a 100 year old time capsule being 
opened here in Abington and it inspired me to make this challenge:

"This got me thinking:if I were going to leave a time capsule for someone 
to open a century from now, what would I leave in  it? What things from 
my every day life, what family memories would I want to pass on to future 

What would you put in YOUR time capsule?

 I'm interested in seeing what you would save. So, here's the Genealogist's
Time Capsule Challenge:

1 Make a list of what you would put in a time capsule and why you'd choose
each item.

2, What would you use for the time capsule? Where would you have it kept?"

I received some very interesting replies. Some folks approached the question
logically, others with a mixture of whimsy and practicality. It was fun seeing
what favorite personal items would be included along with the genealogical
records, and as a former bookseller I especially liked seeing what books
were chosen to be passed on to future generations.

So here are the responses to the Genealogists' Time Capsule Challenge: 

Carol A Bowens Stevens in My Genie Time Capsule at her blog, Reflections 
From The Fence has a rather unique solution as to where her time
capsule would be kept. 

Dorene  of Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay in her Time Capsule Challenge
includes on her list more than one item with fizz. Well, I'm not sure one 
would still be fizzy but it's a neat idea!

At A.M.H.'s Blog, Anthony has three posts answering the Challenge.In 
My Time Capsule(s) --Part 1, he discusses what he wants to accomplish
with the contents of his capsule. In Part 2 he reveals what sort of vessel
he would use for the Capsule (s). And then in Part 3, he tell us about his 

Cousin Pam Carter has started a new blog, My Maine Ancestry and 
answers the Challenge with My Genealogy Time Capsule.
Not only is Pam including things of personal significance, she has
chosen a place with personal significance for where she would
bury her capsule.

Apple gives some thought to how she can ensure her time capsule
will be opened with Do Not Open Until 15 Mar 2112 over on
Apple's Tree

John Newmark ponders whether or not future generations would be 
able to read the information left on today's devices. His solution is
presented in Creating A Time Capsule at his TransylvanianDutch 

At Anglers Rest, the author considers the Challenge in light of the
fact that there is a time capsule being created to commemorate the
Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Read about that, and 
another time capsule that the author created in her blogpost
What would you put in a Time Capsule?

Randy Seaver made the Challenge a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun
Challenge and then gave his own answer at Genea-Musings. The post 
is Saturday Night Genealogy Fun-The Genealogy Time Capsule Challenge.
Randy's selection of items is a unique review of some technology
that used to part of our lives not so long ago.

Jo Graham of Our Scots Blog learned about the Challenge from Randy's 
Saturday Night Genealogy Fun and came up with a distinctly Scottish
group of items at SNGF-the Time Capsule Challenge. Not only that, Jo
recounts stories of some time capsules of sorts that her family have
either discovered or created! 

Finally, there's my own My Genealogy Time Capsule here on West in
New England . I've included some books and cds and a few things to
make my future relatives scratch their heads in puzzlement. On the
other hand, they'll probably do that with the cds. Remember Rod 
Talor spinning those audio discs in The Time Machine!

I want to thank everyone who participated. I hope you all had as much
fun writing about your time capsules as I did reading about them!


Carol said...

This challenge WAS a challenge. Fun, thought provoking. Thanks for hosting it.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Thanks for the interesting idea and the roundup.