Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Photo courtesy of Cynthia Shenette

Cousin Chris Dunham sent the following comment to my last post about
my granduncle Henry Lee Barker:

"In the late 1890s C. Owen Demeritt was engineer at the spool mill 
in Locke Mills (Greenwood), where I grew up. In fact, he and Lucy 
rented the house where I grew up. Their daughter Cora was born in 
Greenwood in 1899, probably in the same house.

So far I've found five or six children likely to have been born in the

house. And perhaps five people who died there, which explains the
creaking floorboards at night."

Now, Chris is my cousin through my Dad's paternal great grandmother
Floriilla Dunham. and  Lucy Barker DeMerritt was Dad's maternal grandaunt.
So a cousin from one side of my Dad's family grew up in a house once
rented by relatives from the other side of Dad's family!

Yep, it''s a small, small world!

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