Sunday, November 20, 2011


 Michelle Qualey, one of my friends on Facebook, sent me this great
poem for the Challenge. She tells me:
"Here is a poem of my boyfriend's 3rd great grandfather. His first cousin
once removed gave it to him at his grandmother's funeral . Gilda Rae
Murphy Love has since passed away." 

The Green Murphy Tree

The road of our youth has passed away
Like a vapor blown by the wind
Our common childhood days used up
Now back behind the bend

To those of us who still travel
The road that lies ahead
There remains a personal legacy
One common golden thread

Tho’ we’ve grown and moved and married
To carry on each separate tree
The golden thread that binds us all
Is the old Green Murphy Tree

Each generation has added
New people into our fold
And as each one has departed
I pray they reached their goal

I herewith pay tribute to all my kin
Tho’ acquainted we all may never be
In the hope you will stop and contemplate
Your role in the Family Tree

How many of us have ever heard
Of Green and Margaret, Mahala and John
Do we know Aunts, Uncles and cousins
Or that three of us have just passed on?

No matter if your life is happy
In a turmoil or calm as the sea,
Hold your head up high
In your heritage take pride,
You’re a branch on the Green Murphy Tree!

By Gilda Rae Murphy Love

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Judith Richards Shubert said...

How beautiful! A wonderful poem to share with family to inspire them to continue to learn more about their Family Tree and their own genealogy. Thank you, Michelle.