Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today was one of those days that illustrated the wisdom of rechecking
databases for records.

I was trying to fill in the blanks for the family of my 2xgreat grandfather
Daniel J Barker early this afternoon. He was the son of my 3x great
grandparents Nathaniel and Lucy (Coburn) Barker and for some reason
I hadn't spent any time researching him. A few minutes on Ancestry filled
in those blanks (and turned up some fodder for another blogpost). Then
I moved on to other Barkers and eventually came to my great grandparents
Frank Wesley Barker and Charlotte(Lottie) Lovenia Barker.

I've written about Frank and Lottie before. They have the same last name
because they were first cousins: Frank was the son of Nathaniel S Barker
and Lottie was the daughter of Amos Hastings Barker, (Daniel J was the
older brother of Nathaniel and Amos). Frank died 21May 1905 of
"pneumonia following of La Grippe" according to the Maine Death Records
leaving a pregnant Lottie with two small children and an older fifteen year old
son.  I'd already found records of her subsequent marriages to Dennis Mahaney
in !913 and Charles Blacquere in 1920 in Ancestry's Maine Marriages database.
But they'd added the Maine Marriage Records images since then so I decided
to see if I could find the images for those two marriages. I searched the Ancestry
"Birth, marriage, and death"  database and found the two images.

And I found a third.

There'd been another husband, Luther Hodson. Lottie's first husband, my
great grandfather Frank, had died on 21May 1905. She married Luther
Hodsdon  on 24May 1906. Sometime between those two dates her
youngest son Harry H Barker was born.

I decided to take a quick look over on FamilySearch hoping to find an image
for Frank and Wesley's marriage in New Hampshire, and again I was lucky
and found it. But in doing so, I found anther mystery Look at the record and
see if you can spot it. The clue is in what I've told you here about Lottie's

 To be continued....

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Heather Rojo said...

Wow, I just blogged about the Hodsons yesterday, too! I have a feeling you might find more marriages, now that you are an expert at digging them out!