Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Last winter while driving through Mt Vernon Cemetery here in Abington
I took a picture of this monument right next to the road. It was right
after a February snowstorm.

I managed to get a closeup shot of the inscription on the front (west) side:

The inscription reads:

Captain Joseph E Kimball
Born in Ipswich, Mass Jun 12, 1839.
Died in Brockton, Mass, Feb 22, 1896.
A Faithful Citizen Soldier,
Who Served During The Union War
In The First Mass. Infantry Regt. And
In The 37th And 116th U.S. Colored Regts.

He Had Part In Thirty-Seven
Battles, Including  Those Of
Bull Run, Yorktown,
Williamsburg, Fair Oaks,
Malvern Hill, Fredericksburg,
Petersburg And Appomatox;
And At New Market Heights
Was Breveted For
Gallant Conduct.

I had to wait until late March to get shots of the other three sides.
This is the south facing side:.

This inscription reads:
He Fought
For Love Of County
Not Of Arms;
And, With The Country Saved,
He Left The Arts Of War
For Those Of Peace
And To His Record  As
A Good Soldier
Added That Of
A Good Citizen
"One Who Never Turned His Back,
But Marched Breast Forward;
Never Doubted Clouds Would Break;
Never Dreamed, Tho'  Right Were Worsted,
Wrong Would Triumph...
Held We fall To Rise,
Are Baffled To Fight Better,
Sleep To Wake."

 The north side has no inscription but holds insignias of Kimball's
military service

And the eastern side held a surprise:

It reads:

Ellen F Janes Kimball
Apr. 18, 1849-
Nov. 15, 1869
Susan Dunham Kimball,
May 20, 1848,-
Mar.8 1879
John Herman Kimball
Feb, 18 1875,-
Jul. 28, 1896.
Yes, I'd found another Dunham. I'll discuss where she fits on the family
tree in the next post.

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