Saturday, October 15, 2011


It's time once again for the Great Genealogy Poetry Challenge. Those
who are long time readers of my blog will notice I've changed the
title of the challenge from The Great American Genealogy Poetry &
Song Challenge to The Great Genealogy Poetry Challenge. I made the
change for two reasons:

One, to include geneabloggers from other countries  and two, it's a
danged lot easier to type out!

What hasn't changed are the rules,. so I can be lazy and cut and paste
a nice chunk from last year:

So, my challenge to my readers is this:

1. Find a poem by a local poet, famous or obscure, from the region
one of your ancestors lived in. It can be about an historical event, a
legend, a person, or even about some place (like a river)or a local
animal. It can even be a poem you or one of your ancestors have written!
Or if you prefer, post the lyrics of a song or a link to a video
of someone performing the song.

2. Post the poem or song to your blog (remembering to cite the source
where you found it.)

3.Tell us how the subject of the poem or song relates to your ancestor's
home or life.

4.Submit your post's link here to me by November 20thth and I'll publish
all the entries on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th!

If  you submit a humorous poem or song that will be entered under the
"Willy Puckerbrush" division. Willy was the late geneablogger Terry
Thornton's alias for some humorous posts and comments.

So there you have it. There's over a month until the deadline so there's
plenty of time for a Google search for poems and songs. I'm looking
forward to seeing what the geneablogging community comes up with
for me this year!


GeniAus said...

I'll be pleased to join in with an Aussie contribution. Am marking in my calendar.

Pam Beveridge said...

Here's a poem (found in an auction box lot of apparently unrelated old things) written by Mrs. F. P. Ormsby of Fayette, Maine, on the occasion of her 85th birthday. I have an inkling of who she was but would like to hear from a descendant to be sure.

Julie Goucher said...

I am looking forward to joining in.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

My post is linked to yours ~ this is one of my favorite challenges, Bill!


John said...

I shared a well-known poet from Volhynia, Russia.

I hope to submit another entry.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Here's the link to a poem called The Snob that my husband's ancestor wrote:

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

A bit late, but here's my offering:
Thanks for the challenge, Bill

Jasia said...

Here's my entry for the poetry challenge...

Kristin said...

My entry is a poem by my cousin James McCall about Detroit.

Linda Gartz said...

What a coincidence! Just last week I celebrated my parents' 69th wedding anniversary (November 8th) on my blog at this link:
At the end I included the poem my dad (Fred) had written to Mom (Lil) for their 10th anniversary. For the past several weeks, I've been posting Lil's sweet and passionate diary entries of falling madly in love with Fred. but I interrupted that to celebrate their anniversary. Recalling the rhythm of Poe's, "the Raven," Dad presented this paean to his love for my Mom on November 8, 1952. You can see it in his own hand, scanned from the original parchment on which he gave it to her. Thanks for creating this challenge, Bill.

Maria said...

Thanks Bill. Great idea. Will definitely dig out a poem from one of my ancestors - a sad one about the death of his mother. Have also emailed info about your poetry competition to a few other Aussie genies.

Julie Goucher said...

Thanks Bill for hosting this. My contribution to the challenge is here

GeniAus said...

Bill, You'll find my entry at

Thanks for extending the scope of the challenge to make it international

Sharon said...

Hi Bill
You can find my post at

Anonymous said...

hi Bill, thanks for making this a world-wide challenge. My entry is here:

Bubba said...

Here is a link to my entry.

Unknown said...

Hi, Bill, here is my first post. I'll be submitting another one if I can find the poem!

Thanks for the challenge!

Becky Wiseman said...

Here's my contribution...

Debra Newton-Carter said...

Again, I'm down to the line at 9:39 pm... My offering this year is The O.D. Pill, written by a WWI soldier in my grandfather's tent at Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, SC. Here's the link:

Unknown said...

Here's my second post, Bill:

Merron Riddiford said...

I'm a little late, but here is my contribution from Australia. A poem by C.J.Dennis

Thanks for the opportunity to take part.

Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

I missed out on your poetry roundup this year, Bill! Wish I could have joined you. I'll have to make the rounds to read all of the great verse that you've inspired everyone to share.