Saturday, October 22, 2011


Last September I published a blogpost about a death certificate I'd found
on FamilySearch  that I thought might help me find who the parents of
my 3xgreat grandmother Lucy Stow(Stowe) were, which led to a comment
from cousin Chris Dunham who told me Lucy's parents were Melvin Stowe
and Anne V Stowe. He also gave me the names of Melvin Stowe's parents,
Samuel Stowe and Abigail Dana. I added the information to my tree, researched
for and found some records citations, and moved back in both lines a few

Then the other day, Bill Smith posted a link on Facebook to an article on
past economic Panics and Depressions in American history....

...which gave me the idea for a blogpost....

...which lead me to checking the dates some of my ancestors took a
certain step....

...which then lead me to check and see if there were any other ancestors
who had taken this action that I might not have been aware of yet...

...which lead me to where I discovered
that 5x great grandfather  Samuel Stowe had filed his Revolutionary
War pension application upon which he states he was also a veteran
of the French and Indian War...

...which means that Bill Smith's link has given me not one but two blogposts
(or three, if you count this one!)

Genealogical Serendipity, thanks to Chris Dunham  of The Maine Genealogy 
Network  and Bill Smith of Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories!

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dee-burris said...

Just one of the reasons I love reading other bloggers...

Happy writing...