Thursday, October 13, 2011


Earlier tonight I was watching the Chronicle program on WCVB Channel
5 in Boston. It often does shows on the out of the way and little known
places in New England and tonight the entire half hour was devoted to 
the Bay Circuit Trail, a 200 mile long network that runs around the outskirts
of Boston from Newburyport on the North Shore to Duxbury on the
South Shore. Since I have gotten  into taking long walks I'm always looking
for new places to go and take photos so I watched the show in hopes of
picking up a few suggestions for places on this end.

Then the narrator said four words, "Holt Hill in Andover" and  the genealogist
side of me focused. In turns out that the highest point in Essex County in 
Massachusetts is Holt's Hill, located in the Ward Reservation in Andover.
They showed a shot of an old house with a sign on it with the name "Nicholas

Nicholas Holt of Andover is my 9x great grandfather.   

The Hill has a beautiful view of the area and there's Solstice Stones at the 
summit of the Hill, You can see a shot of them at the Ward Reservation

While I was googling about Holt Hill I also found the Early Records of the
Holt Family of Andover - Annotated   site.That should prove very 
helpful in my research.
It just goes to show that you never can tell where an ancestor will turn up!.


Carol said...

Gotta say, this is WAYYY cool Bill! How fun and congrats on the good catch! You paid attention and it paid off.

Shelley Bishop said...

Truly amazing, Bill! A great case of serendipity at its finest.

Heather Rojo said...

That is great, Bill! I'm glad you found those genealogies from the library in Andover, they are great and the annotations are a riot. I love all the bold NO's all over the Holt document! Someone was sure of their facts, but left no sources...

Russ said...


Congratulations ... sounds like a road trip to me. But, I'll guess that you have been there before.

Thanks for sharing.

Russ said...

What a great story! I think I'll have to start watching that show more!!

Dorene from Ohio said...

How wonderful!!

Yvette Porter Moore said...

Congratulations, and this is really Great!!!