Thursday, July 07, 2011


I'm coming up on another blog milepost and realized it's been almost a
year since I last posted a Word Verification Dictionary entry. These are
those words Blogger has us type to verify we're not spambots when we
post comments on each other's blogs.

So without adieu (or a Pepsi), here's the latest entries!

eulaggl- A long awkward pause in an eulogy. "James' eulogy for Aunt Sarah
             was filled with many eulaggls.

mistr-   The male equivalent of mistress.

reman- What you do when you move on to a new mistr. "When Sophie was
            bored with her latest mistr, she knew it was time to reman.

scowa-The look the clerk gives you when you ask for yet ANOTHER of your
            ancestors' deeds

tankes-You're Welcome!


Debi Austen said...

Oh I love reman. I'm going to remember that as I find ancestors who are married over and over and over again.

Frances Elizabeth Schwab said...

Hilarious-can't wait to start my own collection!

Kathy Reed said...

Congratulations on having 1000 posts. BTW -- one of my favorite terms, and it's a real term, is "relic" -- as in Mrs. Probert, relic of Thomas Probert. Are you kidding me?