Thursday, July 07, 2011


Benjamin Hobart's  History of the town of Abington, Plymouth County,
Massachusetts, from its first settlement  has become my first place to
look for information about my Abington cousins. On page 369 I found the

IV. Worthy C Dunham, born in Abington June 17, 1815; was married to
Irene Shaw of Weymouth, December 24, 1837. Their children were—
V. Rensellaer, born September 16, 1838; died September 17, 1839.
V. Jotham Ellsworth, born May 3, 1842.
V. Sumner Ellis, born September 3,1847; died September 25, 1848.
V. Irene Shaw, born October 23, 1851.
V. Sarah Williams, born July 22, 1855.
V. Abbie Weston, born August 30, 1858; died August 15, 1859.
Irene Shaw, wife of Worthy C. Dunham, died January 4,
1860, aged 42 years, 11 months, 9 days; he next married Marilla Pratt, 
October 4, 1860.

Now I knew there were more children who were not listed on the monument.
Could they have been buried there and the names not inscribed on the blank
western side of the marker? It was far more likely they had survived to
adulthood and were buried elsewhere. But what about the inscription
for Frank, Grace and  Robert on the south side? Grandchildren perhaps?

First though, I wanted to check on Worthy's parents, I looked on the previous
page, 368:

"III. Mr. Ezra Duuham was born in Plymouth, May 10, 1785; married, first, 
Susanna Ford, of Abington, January 30, 1806. They had one son, Henry,
born October 13, 1806; second, married Polly Cary, daughter of Howard 
Cary, Esq., of North Bridgewater. They had seven sons and three daughters,
viz., Susan, Howard Cary, Worthy Columbus, Charles Atwood, Cornelius 
Thomas, Ezra Rider, Angeline Huldah, Elbridge Cary, Francis William, 
and Lydia Howard." 

So, Worthy's middle name was Columbus and he was the half brother of 
General Henry Dunham and full brother to Cornelius T, Dunham, both of
whose graves I had previously discovered in Mt. Vernon Cemetery.

Now what else could I find out about him and his family?

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